Follow our simple guide to calculate the amount of paving or flooring you need to complete your project.

How to measure the size of my patio or floor

If you are looking at laying a square or rectangular space then this a simple measuring task. Use your tape measure to measure the width and length of your patio or floor area then simple multiply the two numbers together. 

Example: Length (6m) x Width (4m) = 24m2 

What if my paving or flooring area is an irregular shape? 

First of all, section off your area into shapes e.g  squares, rectangles or triangles. Calculate the measurements of these smaller areas using the method above and add them together to provide your overall square metre area.

Imperial or Metric Units? 

You will notice that all of our products are sold in metric units (mm or m2). We always recommend that you measure your patio or floor area in metres rather than feet to make things much simpler for you when it comes to placing your order.

My Design

How do I calculate the number of paving or flooring slabs I need? 

We provide the coverage each pack contains along with the slab sizes included. Our online calculator will confirm your coverage before you purchase. 

Use our ‘My Design’ Feature to help you keep track of your area and help you with your calculations. You can add as many areas to the ‘My Design’ tool  as you like. 

Measuring a Patio Circle

The perfect eye-catching addition to your garden or as a centrepiece to your patio, paving circles are sold in various different sizes measured by diameter in meters.

Final Thoughts

  • Choose your paving and flooring carefully, we have hundreds of styles to choose from which offer different textures, sizes and finishes to create contemporary and traditional designs.  If you’re not sure, order a sample first.
  • Consider a practical and eye-catching position for your patio.  Where does the sun rise and set?  Make sure your patio is positioned where it will get the most hours of sunshine, especially if you are a sun lover!
  • Make sure your patio has enough space for everything you require e.g. furniture, BBQ and loungers but do keep in mind that you want your patio to be in proportion to the size of your garden
  • If you plan to include a fire pit make sure there is adequate space for it away from furniture and choose a paving slab which can withstand high temperatures.  
  • For ‘wet’ areas of the garden or home e.g around swimming pools/hot tubs, or internally for kitchens and bathrooms, choose a flagstone or flooring tile which is naturally non-slip.