The entrances and hallways of your home are exposed to much more foot traffic than anywhere else in the house and need to be able to withstand high foot traffic whilst also still look neat and clean at all times.

You should always look for stylish and functional flooring for your hallways, paying attention to the latest interior trends. The entranceways to your home are the perfect introduction to the rest of your interiors, so we have some flooring ideas to help create stunning hallways.

Patterned cement tiles can help create an impressive and cheerful entryway. Look for patterns that go well with the theme of your house. There is a wide range of cement floors tiles in bright hues and welcoming shades.

Vinyl flooring is a cheaper option that available in a range of patterns and styles, including realistic looking tiles and planks that accurately mimic natural materials such as wood and stone. However, it would not have the same resilience and longevity as other options.

A brick paver floor can add an old-world appeal to the entryway.  Using brick is an advantage as it can withstand heavy traffic and absorb moisture. However, they must be kept protected with a waterproof sealer. Many people prefer to use stone tile floors for entryways, porches, and conservatories. Natural stone not only looks amazing, but it is slip and stain-resistant and brings character and warmth.

You want to make your entranceway look and feel as warm and as welcoming as you can. If you have the room, it might also serve as a casual living area and could be furnished with seating and comfortable furniture. Add some well-placed lighting and some plants, and maybe hang family portraits on the wall for a personal touch.

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