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What is Stonecast

Westminster Stone has been manufacturing and retailing its Stonecast paving and flooring products for over 35 years. Stonecast is an award-winning highly refined, and exceptionally high-quality concrete paving product - the best on the market!

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What makes Stonecast so special?

Westminster Stone’s Managing Director John Clifford develops moulds in-house, using sourced originals from around the country. With meticulous attention to detail, each mould is handmade with a different patina, shape and size to create paving that is completely authentic in appearance and as close a replica to original natural stone as it’s possible to create.

The intricate skill and craftsmanship of these unique moulds has been recognised, awarded and applauded throughout the industry for decades.

The ranges of handmade Stonecast flagstones, paving slabs and tiles include bestsellers Lancashire Mill, Yorkstone and Old Provence. These paving and flooring products are readily available in any quantity, so customers can come back a year or ten years down the line and buy the exact product again.

How is Stonecast Made?

Stonecast products use only the best raw materials and work to the highest specifications so corners are not cut to make higher margins. As a family business making superior products is key and the company always strike the right balance between cost effectiveness and industry leading quality.

The Stonecast recipe uses the highest quality pigments, additives, fibre reinforcement and raw materials - providing products which are far superior to any other on the world market.

The manufacturing process has been perfected over the last 35 years, with key elements to the production process such as a 7-day cure, which other manufactures simply overlook. The Stonecast spacer system is unique to Westminster Stone and allows for better curing and thus a better end result. Read about the innovative Paving Anchor Spacer System Here

Attention to detail in every aspect of the process is what sets Westminster Stone’s Stonecast products apart.

Key Advantages

Over the years, Stonecast products have become world-renowned for their authenticity and also for their durability, especially in the UK’s adverse weather conditions. Stonecast has several key advantages:

  • Hugh choice of colours, textures, sizes and finishes available all of the time and in any quantity
  • All products can be laid externally and internally, perfect for those requiring a seamless transition between their indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Highly sought after for conservation and restoration projects where sourced originals are either not available or price prohibitive
  • Frost-resistant and impervious to cracking and staining
  • Naturally non-slip
  • Consistent thickness and sizing makes cutting and laying easier
  • Flooring is suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Large selection of complementary paving accessories including paving circles, kerbstones, coping stones, bullnose flags and garden ornaments.

What the Experts Say!

There is still a small number of what we might think of as "Traditionalists" who keep the vibrating tablesa-buzzing by producing wet-cast moulded flagstones in a bewildering spectrum of quality, from the 99p producers selling their one-winter-wares in the immediate local area, to the dwindling ranks of genuine mould masters who manufacture stunningly good paving for nationwide distribution.

Ask anyone who has been in the paving game for more than a decade, and they are bound to name Westminster Stoneas one of the best. There's more than a quarter of a century of manufacturing experience behind them, and sometimes you have to marvel at the tenacity it takes to last for that long in what can be a treacherous and unpredictable business. We've seen stone sellers struggle to last 25 months, let along 25 years, so when someone notches up such a stint, you know they must be doing something right.

And what it is that Westminster Stone do right is produce reproduction flagstones of impeccable quality, using their own specially-crafted moulds and not skimping on the quality dyes and plasticisers, to create concrete flagstones that are not just better than average, but are probably the best in the country.

Tony McCormack, the man behind, one of the most knowledgeable figures in the industry and a consultant for some of the UK's largest manufacturers.